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Characterize It

Your friendly neighborhood characterization community.

Got Characterization Questions? We're Here to Help
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A community dedicated to helping authors accurately characterize characters. No more OOC fic!

Welcome to Characterize it!
This community has been designed and started in an attempt to counter-attack all of the bad, out-of-character fanfiction that seems to be floating around in various fandoms these days. This community is also an attempt to stop the need for so much ranting about bad fanfiction by giving people the opportunity to help improve fanfiction in all fandoms.

In this community, you can ask questions about characterization you’re having trouble with, reply to others' questions with your answer(s), post essay-style character studies or character insights (only if you have been certified as a consultant), and even rec particularly in-character fics when you find them.

To view the community's entries, you will need to join the community. This is so that we keep up a good number of members and not lurkers.

1. This is not a rant community. We prefer to spend more time on helping create good, in-character fanfiction than wasting our time ranting about the bad.
2. Do not post out of your given rank/position.
3. Do not flame and certainly do not start a flame war. It's fine if you disagree with another member's statement, but express this politely.
4. When reccing fics, do not rec your own. This is quite tacky and is generally considered a fandom faux pas.
5. Do not diss someone else's fandom choices. Do not diss someone else's ships. (This rule goes hand in hand with #3.)
6. Watch your language. Not everybody wants to read constant swearing. If you must swear a lot, please put it under a cut. (This is a loosely enforced rule.)
7. Do not un-friends-lock any of your posts to this community. This keeps the introduction post automatically viewable to people viewing the comm for the first time.
8. No question is stupid, we're all here to both learn and teach.

Full explanation of the rules as well as the punishments for violations can be found here.
General members. General members are allowed to post fic recs, ask questions about characterizations, and respond to others' questions. General members do not require applications.

Consultants. characterize_it is always looking for more consultants. Consultants are allowed to post character studies & character insights, and are particularly encouraged to respond to others' questions. You must apply and be certified to become a consultant. (note: A consultant is not a holier-than-thou position [even though it is a fact that some people know some fandoms and characters better than others]. The certification of consultants helps boost community activity.)

Taggers. Taggers have the responsibility of tagging other members' posts for them. When positions are available, you must apply and be certified to become a tagger.

Maintainer/Moderators. Maintainer/moderators are allowed to do everything that other members are allowed to do. Essentially, they can do everything. This is the most important rank in the community. When positions are available, you must apply to become a maintainer/moderator.

To apply for one of the above positions or find out more about the ranks, go here.
Use the following links to help you navigate the community easier. Please do note all but the first 2 of these links will only work if you have joined the community.

Introduction to Characterize It - contains the purpose statement of this community

The Rules - all of the community’s rules and a list of the punishments for breaking them

Rank Explanation & Applying for a Position - also a list of all certified members

Community Stamps & Banners - banners to display your certified position in the community and banners to help promote the community

Community News - keep up with everything going on with these frequent news updates from nerca_beyul

Contact the Mod - Questions or problems? Contact nerca_beyul.
This is a list of all current rank-holders. Newest rank-holders are added to the bottom. Further information on the rank-holders (like what fandoms they consult for) can be found here



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We love affiliates! If you would like to affiliate your comm with characterize_it, drop a comment here or an email to nerca_beyul@hotmail.com .
The community header was made by our own moderator nerca_beyul. The community layout was made by the lovely lhinneill of dreamerland. The profile base code is from reversescollide. We greatly appreciate everyone who has contributed to this community’s appearance.
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