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30 April 2007 @ 07:45 pm
Introductory Post  

Hello and welcome to the "Characterize It" community!

This community has been designed and started in an attempt to counter-attack all of the bad, out-of-character fanfiction that seems to be floating around in various fandoms these days. This community is also an attempt to stop the need for so much ranting about bad fanfiction by giving people the opportunity to help improve fanfiction in all fandoms.

In this community, you can ask questions about characterization you’re having trouble with, reply to others' questions with your answer(s), post essay-style character studies or character insights (only if you have been certified as a consultant), and even rec particularly in-character fics when you find them. All posts will be tagged by one of the community "taggers" to make them easy to find.

To view the community's entries, you will need to join the community. The only reason I do this is so that we keep up a good number of members and so that this entry stays visible first to new people seeking out the comm.

This is not a rant community. Like I said before, it’s pretty much an anti-rant community. You will not see entries ranting or rambling about badly characterized fanfiction here. We prefer to spend more time on helping create good, in-character fanfiction than wasting our time ranting about the bad.

The rules post can be found here. Please read all rules before posting.

This community has several different types of positions. General members are those who post questions, occasionally reply to others' questions, and rec fics. General members do not need to apply for their positions. When you join the community, you are automatically a general member. Consultants must be certified by the mod after posting an application. Consultants are particularly encouraged to reply to questions, and they are allowed to post character studies and character insights. Taggers must also be approved by application. A tagger's job is easily explained: they tag all of the communty's entries to make everything easy to find. A maintainer/moderator is a combination of all positions and can do pretty much anything. Maintainer/moderators are rarely added and appointed, but are also added by application.

Promoting this community is greatly appreciated. A number of banners for your journal and userinfo are on the way once yours trully is back to her own beloved computer and the Gimp.

If you need to contact the head mod (aka me, nerca_beyul), drop a comment on the rules post or an email to nerca_beyul@hotmail.com



(Deleted comment)
Nerca Beyulnerca_beyul on May 1st, 2007 12:31 am (UTC)
Yeah, LJ ate my first application post, so I had to make a brand new one HERE.

And for future reference, the rules post is the place for questions. :)